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tv   Andrea Mitchell Reports  MSNBC  August 19, 2013 1:00pm-2:00pm EDT

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fifteen minutes could save you...well, you know. right now on "andrea mitchell reports," the conflict in egypt, the tension -- can president obama ignore the growing chorus calling to cut off u.s. aid? >> for us to sit by and watch this happen, is a violation of everything that we stood for and when we threaten something,. ray kelley doubles down defending the law enforcement tactic.
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>> if a program like stop and frisk is abandoned, will people die? >> well, i think, no question about it, violent crime will go up. >> a san diego mayor -- >> bob filner, the citizens of san diego have a message for you. it's time to resign. >> i'm chris matthews. so anchoring with -- -- we want
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to begin tied with the ongoing crisis in egypt. enter islamic militants are on the ground taking responsibility for the execution style killing of egyptian police in the north si sinai peninsula. the lawyers for hosni mubarak says their client should be released from custody in the next few days until any court proceedings begin against the former president. >> reporter: chris, a lot of moving pieces here, showing how volatile this situation has become. you mentioned the killing of 25 police soldiers, police conscripts in the northern sinai happening this morning after they were taking off a bus and shot execution style. they were simply on vacation.
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but it gives you a sense of the increased lawlessness in the northern sinai. the concern in cairo and elsewhere is that violence could spread across the country. also late last night there was a deadly incident involving the police force here and that was as the minister of interior was transporting 36 prisoners, they allegedly tried to escape and ultimately they were killed according to the police. that was 36 islamists, members of the muslim brotherhood that were killed in a police truck. all of that really indicating the kind of violence and the accusations from both sides that the other side is to blame. chris? >> is there any way that you can see as a reporter, objectively where the government can bring order, where they can sort of squeeze this down without putting too much of a lid on it,
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squeeze it down to the point where you have public order? >> well, containing the violence ask certainly a possibility, but that in the ayes of many human rights activists has been a very difficult challenge for the egyptian police force which today human rights watch said has been using disproportionate use of force to try and quell all these protests. but the real changes that nobody has answered to, is how you solve this politically, how do you get the muslim brotherhood and the islamists in the country back to the government process. you cannot have an egypt that does not have political islamists at the table. that's something that all of egypt's politicians have said. even mohammad morsi made a promise to the muslim brother saying you can come back into the political process, but the trust has broken down so much that neither skid can see it. >> tell us day to day the state
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of emergency which is to remain in effect, i understand, through september. tell us what it's having in terms of impact on the day to day life, the working life of people there in cairo? >> well, it's made life extremely difficult because it really essentially has crunched the hours of the working day to just a few hours during daylight because the curfew goes into effects every day at 7:00 p.m., which is just about now. so during the day people out are in the streets trying to get what they can. nobody knows what's going to happen tomorrow. some of the banks repeatedly are closed sporadically, the economy here is struggling. so there's all kinds of indicators that life definitely has become more difficult for the average egyptian, tensions are high. people are uncertain about their future. that just compounds the anxiety
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levels across the country. when lawmakers return to washington from their current august recess. taking center stage of the debate going to be the aid that the u.s. government sends to the egyptian military. >> bob corker is the top republican on the foreign relations committee in the senate, senator, you are a reasonable guy that has tried to strike up political balances in this country, i can only imagine the difficulty of trying to strike a balance. is it possible to have islamists in an egyptian government without them trying to sabotage the whole works? >> they were invited to the table over the course of the last month or so and have not done that. now we're into that cycle of revenge that ends up happening in so many cases in the middle east where people are killed on one side, revenge is taken on the other, there are family members, uncles, aurnts, all ofa
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sudden the thingests can lates, you have saudi arabia and the uae who have offered $12 million in aid, what they want to see happen is the muslim brotherhood crushed, at the same time, chris, as you and kathleen know, 30% of the population identifies themselves with the muslim brotherhood. if you're going to have any kind of government again to try to calm this down. i said from the beginning, chris, as you know, we need to be the voice of calm, we obviously don't have the leverage that other countries have in the region.
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we have overestimated what our leverage is and underestimated. as i said before the leverage that saudi arabia as and the emirates have, but it's a tough situation, there are 85 million people, it's an important country. what we should care about, chris, is what our national interests are, and from a security stand point, from a stability and the world standpoint with us having 4.5% of the world's population and 20% of the world's economic output. the suez canal, the price of oil, our own security. those are the things that we need to focus on. >> senator corker, in my day job, i work for marriott international, the hotel company. we have about 45 hotels in the north africa region. tourism, day to day economic life in egypt is really taking a
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toll. my company sees it firsthand, i know you have seen it firsthand visiting that region. what is your take on the quest for political stability and economic stability and how much that is going to actually direct the outcome here. >> well, you know, obviously tourism is through the floor. and i think your example of marriott, kathleen is the piece that i think americans forget so much. i know i'm going off a little bit here, but we have so much that say, well, look, the people of egypt don't even like us. and we give them aid, well that's not why we give countries aid. we hope they like us. but we do it because we want to see stability, economically. again our country benefits from any country in the world.
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>> we're going to stop some aid, there's no question. we need to recalibrate, candidly our relationship with egypt has been static for 25 years. we need to focus on things that are, again, in our national interest. but the fact is, we need to be involved. and i hope that as we recalibrate, we'll take into account the very things you're talking about, that is the country's economic stability. if it continues to go through the floor, we're going to continue to have heightened and heightened tensions there. which again are part now the regional conflict that is very, very problematic. but for our economic security, i went down to see the king of jordan last thursday, i think it was. and i was driving -- he was in the southern part of the country. i could look right over the border at alot a resort town in israel and -- they're important
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to marriott, they're important to the citizens here in tennessee that get up every morning and go to work because in many ways our jobs are interconnected in a way that matter. so egypt is important to us and we need to continue to be involved. >> senator, you mentioned leverage, though, and doesn't the u.s. sort of lose leverage when you have a government like the saudi arabia government that says they will replace any aid that is lost if the u.s. withdraws aid. >> we, you know, kathleen, we don't have the leverage sometimes that we think as far as that direct connect from a to b. we still, though, are the greatest country in the world and what america thinks and does is important. i know that people there are watching our actions, i don't think that we should be anything more than a strong sense of come coming any less than a strong sense of calm.
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but our leverage is different. and yet at the same time, the leverage that we have, we should use. people still care, we're working with saudi arabia and the emirates right now on issues in syria. so the things we end up having effects more than just the aid. there's no question the monetary part of this is minuscule compared to what's being supplanted by these other countries. but we still have influence. we need to use it as much as we can. but we cannot wave a magic wand and i think sometimes people react in ways that just are not thoughtful when people do things that are counter to what we think as good policy in these countries. certainly we should react and we should react in a measured way. and we don't have all the cards and i know it's frustrating to americans, but we need to be patient, we need to recalibrate and we need to realize the importance of egypt to the region and candidly to our own
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country. >> senator corker, thanks very much for joining us on andrea mitchell reports. there's a stop and frisk program still facing an uncertain future after mayor michael bloomberg's decision to appeal. >> on "meet the press," new york exhibition never ray kelley gave his latest defense of the program. here's what he said. >> we are sensitive to this, nobody wants to be stopped, a at the very least, you're giving up your time. but we need some balance here. the stock reality is that violence is happening disproportionately in minority communities. that unfortunately is in big cities around america. >> well, joining us right now for our daily fix, is chris cillizza who wrote a great column on this. i want to get a sense now, it seems to me, ruth, you're good
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at this cultural stuff in your columnless. it seems to me that pretty much right but definitely left of center knows that poverty leads to crime and that crime leads to cities emptying out. people don't move to those cities, people don't travel to those cities, the economics turns down. then you have more poverty and more crime. it's a vicious cycle. mayor bloomberg's policies seem to reverse that. new york is booming, all the kids are downtown having a great time at night. it's a safe city. how do you keep it a safe city and have these new reservations about what the police could do in terms of frisking people? >> so, i think you phrase it perfectly because -- and we have to consider that there is a tension between the most effective policing and constitutional policing and there is a middle ground where you can achieve both. but you can imagine a world in which the police can willie nilly knock on anybody's doors and go and search their houses
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without a warrant or without a reason. that's not the world we have because we live in a world of a constitution. even under judge sheindlin's opinion, stop and frisk is allowed to continue. but it needs to continue with some limits on it. better training of officers before hand. better oversight of them afterwards and then there's this very difficult question about the racial composition of who is stopped. >> if you have a police department that's basically tou neighborhoods with the most police. do you pretend you're going to go to the safest neighbors and start frisking elderly. you've got to use some kind of common sense. >> stop and frisk is not like airport searches where we tolerate the 80-year-old grandma
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getted, because it's not intrusi intrusive, it's not that big deal, it's not humiliating. but it is effect tiff somewhat in crime. but then the question is, so you've got this -- a group of people who are the victims of crime but they're also the perpetrators of crime. >> as a community. >> as a community. statistics show largely might have been north. more importantly in making sure that you have reasonable suspicion to stop. so that you don't have a whole group of people infuriated by something stopped and solicited. >> mayor bloomberg has written this up set in the "washington post." has said i can balance this, i can make number one, new york, a safe city that becomes the most popular tourist destination in
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the world because it has a history of being a safe city to visit. but i can also protect people's rights. chris, what is the balancing act here? can you really balance or sort of calibrate in one direction or the other? >> the bloomberg ed torld -- i actually think the most -- it's forci forcing. >> his defense of stop and frisking, i don't support it because she's getting so much, she's getting hit so much on the left for it.
1:18 pm
so it has become, it's become a big issue in a mayoral race where mike bloomberg remains pretty popular but just not among those democratic primary voters. >> i remember up there when kathy and i were up there with our teenaged kids at the time. and we were hanging around a bookstore like we do. and i felt safe. i remember going to the subways and saying they smell better. there's something that's going on in terms of the broken window syndrome, the old james q. wilson, you got to stop the petty crime. and it helps create a climate of law abiding citizenship. >> something went on that was positive. >> exactly, i grew up across the river, so a safe new york is a great new york from my point of view. and my kids go there so i want them to be safe. but broken windows is a perfect example, nobody argues about going after businesses and going after housing areas, where things are run down.
1:19 pm
that doesn't violate nanybody's rights. when you get to the issue of stop and frisk, you have to be more careful of stop and frisk. >> there's one thing you do, it's very hard to stop murder. but he knows that when there's a gang situation, gang versus gang and right after a gang member has been killed, or hit by one of the other gangs. you know the other gang's out, they're on the streets for revenge. and when you see those kids from the other gang moving towards the other neighborhood, those are the kids you should stop and frisk. in the judge's opinion. you would be infuriated if you were any of these kids' parents. >> lets refine it. i think there's a middle. >> out west, the beaver creek
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wildfire is really raging out of control. drought conditions are fueling the flames that are now more than 1,000 firefighters are battling the blaze that has charred more than 100,000 acres and is only 10% contained at this point.
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just a few days after the republican national committee ended up there in boston, it was a summer meeting, a picture of the republican' 2016 race is emerging. john spice is the communications direct for the republican
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national committee. john, you know the business, so let's talk about the business. get to where the vote ros, where the money is. and yet every once in a while the political party says, you know what? this is one for the team. we're going to win or lose this thing. it happened with the this isn't about winning this is about being who we are. it happen i believe, and this is just as a political mechanic studying this.
1:25 pm
that for your party, this time coming up in 2016 is one of those volcanic years, where you say to hell with the odds, this is going to be a hillary clinton year anyway, it's going to be somebody from the right. that's my belief and that's why i think it's going to be rand paul. is it one of those years where the democrats do what they feel like doing or do they get to the center somehow? >> it's always with senator dole for a while. i think we have got a wide group of folks out there, that are all young, have been out there governing states in the senator, one term who are sort of dynamic and fresh and have new ideas. we have all of the people that are potential candidates in 2 6
1:26 pm
2016. >> is it going to be the gutter or the mine? >> i think a lot of us said, there's no way hillary clinton can lose, she's got the institution campaign structure that was provided bring her husband. and you have this upstart, one term, not even first term senator who ended up beating her because i think he ran good campaign and he spoke to his base and it was a wider base. right now our job at the rnc is to prep the field. we're building relationships a and then let our grass roots go through this primary system and
1:27 pm
figure out who our strongest candidate is and let the grass roolts decide who the right guy is. >> shaun, i just have to interject a personal note. your wife rebecca, actually, used to work with me at channel 7, abc 7 here in washington, d.c. as one of my producers, so it feels really interesting to be here next to chris co-hosting today and talking to you. i just want you to, shaun to kind of give me a sense of sort of the things besides getting your ground game and your social media game. the things that come out of boston saying we have got to do differently than we did with the romney campaign we did this past year. what are some of the things you learned from that campaign that whether change the way you approach the next presidential election. >> that's a great question, kathleen. and i would echo, your sentiments, i think rebecca did great at channel 7.
1:28 pm
with respect to boston, what we came out -- what we did is we looked after the election, everyone knows we did this massive report. we realized that we were measuring ourselves against ourselves. instituted a campaign. we have got throughout the campaign, throughout the states in america than we have ever had in the rnc. in 2000, 2004, we were in the middle of microtargeting. we're going to leap frog the democrats when it comes to digital and technology. and we're putting our resources out there to make sure that we have got -- more importantly, that we're going to be able to do that not just in 2014, but up and down the ballot through every race. so whether or not you're running for city council, state representative, mayor, lieutenant governor, governor, or eventually president. the party structure and infrastructure that peer
1:29 pm
building now will benefit our entire team. that is in sharp contrast to your next guest, debby wasserman schultz is now -- give us a tremendous advantage going through 2014. >> a policy questioner remark and and she held through with her position supporting it, and that is going to be an issue she has to deal with in the future. thank you, shaun spicer and it's great to have you on the show right now. >> florida congresswoman debbie wasserman schultz chairwoman of the democratic national committee will join us right after this. time for the your business entrepreneur of the week. brooks tremper first job was work at the carnival rides in
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vineyard. of course he faces a tough fight as he tries to sell his economic proposals to congress and also solve the budget crisis. >> but the president -- debbie wasserman schultz. we were -- the republican party feels like they need to get their act together, moving into a presidential election. what is it that the democrats need to do on that front as they battle things like scandals, with a san diego mayor what are the kinds of things that you're focusing on as you move into the next presidential race. >> as i listen to shaun spicer talk about the republican
1:34 pm
national committee meeting last week. >> in support of comprehensive -- hispanic vote last year to president obama and doubling down on opposition to a path to citizenship certainly is not the way to win the hearts and minds of the hispanic community. so we're focused this week on
1:35 pm
moving forward, focusing on what the american people shows last year, which was fighting for the middle class, helping to rebuild our economy and making sure that we can have everybody have an opportunity to join the middle class. >> immigration reform congresswoman faces an uphill fight. are you going to be -- a vote for president obama and the democrats the last time around. embrace the notion that we should pass comprehensive immigration reform that allows the 11 million undocumented with a path to legal status and citizenship. in addition to that, focusing together with the president to
1:36 pm
rebuild our economy. fight for the middle class, make sure that getting access to a top quality higher education can be accessible to everyone and of course making sure that we can fully implement obamacare that allows everyone to have access to quality affordable health care. but unfortunately, they're going in the opposite direction. >> can you see anybody offering a challenge to hillary clinton if they run for president on the democratic side. do you see any credible candidate that could beat her for the nomination? >> i think -- she's focused on making sure that she can return to her family and her family foundation and doing some incredibly good work, particularly focused on women and children which has been the hallmark of hillary clinton's career. but, yeah, i think there's no presidential candidate,
1:37 pm
potential or otherwise who should assume and no candidate for office who should assume that they're invincible. >> this cautionary, you're giving us now congresswoman as chairman of the party. policy people especially for positions in the hillary clinton administration. everybody out there, you know is trying to position themselves for the next wave of democratic reality in this country if the democrats hold the white house, which they could do. you're saying not to believe that, that they're wrong to position themselves it seems like everybody in washington is doing right now. when it comes to hillary
1:38 pm
clinton, i will produce a strong democratic mom knee who will be elected president of the united states who will embrace the notion that everybody in america should have an opportunity to succeed and will continue the good work president obama has done to -- and the republicans will continue to spiral every downward, where even their former nominee bob dole has said that he's not sure he would be nominated by his own party today. that's what they're dealing with right now and it's a huge problem for them. >> the democratic party is united more than it's ever been united. that's something republicans are going to envy you for.
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thank you for joining us. >> up next on "andrea mitchell reports" marking the anniversary on the martin luther king march on washington. [ dog ] we found it together.
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in the 2013 dream dog park contest. enter now. welcome back, i'm chris matthews. >> and i'm cathlekrat kathleen co-host for chris today in for andrea mitchell. saturday marks the 50th anniversary of the march on washington, a massive peaceful protest in washington, d.c. where more than 200,000 demonstrators called on congress for jobs and freedom. >> dr. martin luther king jr. led the march on washington, delivering his famous, "i have a dream" speech on the steps of the lincoln memorial. this saturday, president obama will deliver a speech on those
1:43 pm
same steps. martin luther king iii joins us. the president has a tough act to follow to put it lightly, he's got to stand on those steps where your dad stood. and gave after the second inaugural of lincoln, the second american speech every given. that wasn't supposed to be the speech that day, was it? >> well, i don't know -- >> people tell me that he sort of was inspired or somebody yelled him to tell them the dream speech, reverend. >> that certainly is true. but he had delivered conversions of that speech on several occasions and so i think that certainly that demonstration inspired him particularly. could i just correct one thing, just for the record? the 24th is the march that reverend sharpton and i and others are calling for. but the president actually speaks on the 28th which is the day, wednesday, which is the actual day that dad delivered the "i have a dream" speech.
1:44 pm
so there are several activities that are going on. >> distinguish the two of them. what's their different relevance? >> the difference is, i think, the 28th will be a commemorative celebration, the 24th is actually people coming together to petition the government to address some of the serious issues. it's still unfortunately really is jobs, justice and freedom. when we look at what's happened over the last two months, whether it is the gutting of the voting rights act or the trayvon martin decision that many of us are concerned about. but the reality is, if we can find a way to put americans back to work, especially young people. we could address some of the serious issues facing our nation. >> in 1952, we had 20 million people living in poverty. today we have nearly 60 million in 2013. >> chris and i had the
1:45 pm
opportunity last night to see the film, "the butler" wonderful portrayal of your father in that film, including the day he was shot. but to watch the trajectory through the eyes of a white house butler in the civil rights movement. going all the way through the reagan administration and the progre progress, but also the continued challenges, i think is such a great education for young people today. is that why this 50th anniversary is such an important thing to commemorate? to really narrate for young people today, sort of what's been won, but what still needs to be fought? >> i certainly believe that it is. it gives us an opportunity certainly to look at the past, but to also talk about the future. what we must do. again to bring our nation together. unfortunately, there are some who believe that our nation is very divided.
1:46 pm
every time we see tragedies, whether it's a tsunami or a hurricane, people roll up their sleeves to help. we're in crisis mode. if we responded to most of our challenges and opportunities like we respond during crisis, the best of america always is displayed. so, yes, this gives us an opportunity to talk about the past, but to project what must occur in the future. >> okay, martin luther king, iii. >> and also tune in to msnbc this week for the continuing coverage of the march on washington, 50 years later. we'll be right back. [ phil ] when you have joint pain and stiffness...
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something i never thought i and i find, again, it's only been a short period, but a lot of things affect me differently now. >> and of course, as the duke of cambridge feeling the effects of parenthood in its earliest stages, opening up a bit about what his life has been like at home with royal baby george. >> well, the death of william's mother diana is back in the headlines as we approach the 16th anniversary of her tragic passing. scotland yard is looking into new allegations of the involvement of the british military in the incident. mandy, what's with this thing? was there anything to this? what do you call it, real or not real? >> well, scotland yard is really tight lipped on the details of the new claims. many papers are reporting that the allegations are diana and her boyfriend were murdered by a british special forces soldier. now, last night britain's channel 4 reported this new
1:51 pm
information actually stems from a soldier's former in-laws who wrote a letter complaining about his erratic behavior. they claimed the soldier threatened their lives and their daughter's and then he also claimed that diana's death had been arranged by the army special forces and then they covered it up. now, police sources have described this claim as being without any supporting evidence, but they have to investigate every tip. scotland yard has not reopened the investigation. >> is this his father at it again with his latest scandal mongering? let me put it factually. if she was still with the royal family, she'd be alive today. she was with the wrong crowd. that's what happened to her. that's pretty obvious. >> well, the speculation, he certainly believes the british establishment had something to do with her death. but there was a high court case. they found that it was the driver who had alcohol in his system and he crashed and hit a
1:52 pm
pillar. so the british public seem to be a bit skeptical, but there's still great interest in her death. >> it's amazing the hold she has on the world's imagine. mandy clark, thanks for joining us. >> we'll be right back. this is "andrea mitchell reports" only on msnbc. new purina one true instinct has 30. active dogs crave nutrient-dense food. so we made purina one true instinct. learn more at are you flo? yes. is this the thing you gave my husband? well, yeah, yes. the "name your price" tool. you tell us the price you want to pay, and we give you a range of options to choose from. careful, though -- that kind of power can go to your head. that explains a lot. yo, buddy! i got this. gimme one, gimme one, gimme one! the power of the "name your price" tool. only from progressive.
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and that's a wrap for this edition of "andrea mitchell reports." a little more serious than our usual dinner hour conversation. but we hope to see you back here tomorrow at 1:00. >> and i'll see you back tonight on "hardball" at 5:00 p.m. eastern where we'll interview lee danielson and actor cuba gooding jr. anyway, tamron hall has a look at what's next on "news nation." >> hi, chris and kathleen. great job today. we'll see you later. coming up in our next hour, of course we'll continue to follow the latest out of egypt, including the effect the chaos could have on gas prices here at home. a lot o cover there.
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